Weight Optimization Program

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No two people are made equal. And as a result of this perhaps, all of us have different patterns of gaining or losing weight. One may be plus sized or extremely lean and still can lead a healthy and happy life. But we need to differentiate a certain body type from obesity or weight loss occurring as a health challenge. It is also important to understand that uncontrolled weight gain or loss can present as a sign of a plethora of health conditions, physical and mental.

This is where AYUSH Ayurveda comes into picture. Our weight optimization program does not simply go by the reading of a weighing scale alone. We first analyze your ‘prakṛti’ to arrive at your normal pattern and acceptable levels of body weight. Then we look for the factors causing or occurring due to obesity or weight loss. All the subsequent advice including diet, workout, lifestyle modifications and medications are charted out based on this detailed evaluation.

In one way or the other, weight optimization will have something to do with ‘medodhātu’ or body fat. Ayurveda points out that our overall health relies on the balance of all the tissues. A drastic or shortsighted weight management program may give you a quick result but as it disrupts this balance, the condition is soon reversed or other complications may arise. AYUSH Ayurveda takes utmost care in maintaining the harmony of all the body tissues and functions throughout our treatment programs. This helps us achieve astounding results that lasts much longer and that too without any side effects or complications.

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