Pañcakarma is one of the most popular aspects of Ayurveda. Many mistake it for spa therapies. But the effects of pañcakarma transcends the temporary feeling of wellness and relaxation. In Ayurveda, pañcakarma is ascribed such high relevance that it is even equated to surgical procedures. Some scholars even state that pañcakarma forms half of all the treatments for any disease.

So, what exactly is pañcakarma? By a crude translation of this Sanskrit term, you may get a cue that this is a collection of five karmas or procedures. But to be more technically accurate, this term is in fact pañca-śodhana-karma or the five ‘purification’ procedures. Usually, when medicines intended to mitigate (śamana) a condition are ineffective or time consuming; or if the vital energies are far too derailed to be brought back to normalcy by medicine alone; or if the body is incapable of getting rid of the metabolic toxins (āmam) accumulated in the body, the physician may decide to do pañcakarma. The five purification procedures in Ayurveda are Therapeutic Emesis (vamanaṃ), Therapeutic Purgation (virecanaṃ), Enema (vasti), Nasal Instillation (nasyaṃ) and Blood letting (rakta mokṣaṃ).

We also need to understand that pañcakarma is an intensive procedure. You cannot simply walk into an Ayurveda center and order a procedure from the catalog. A good pañcakarma starts with a thorough consultation. Before you are administered a purification procedure, it is imperative that your body is first prepared for it. A preparatory process typically involves oleation (snehana) followed by sudation (svedana). Interestingly, most of the visuals of therapies that you see when you google up Ayurveda would be that of these procedures. Once prepared, you are administered one of the purification procedures that the physician chooses according to your health condition. Equally important is the procedures that are to be followed after purification as they rekindle your digestion, strength and vitality to revive you to perfection. We are just giving you a quick intro to pañcakarma.

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