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Keen observation, thorough examination and diligent inquiry. These are the cardinal pillars of a medical consultation. But how many times have you had a satisfactory consultation before? After a session with us at AYUSH Ayurveda, one of the first feedback that we get from our clients is that it was the very first time a physician had spent so much time with them, patiently listening without interrupting or jumping into conclusions and explaining each procedure and every medicine like a friend.

There are 10 principal factors that are typically evaluated during an Ayurveda consultation. What we do first is called the ‘prakṛti parīkṣa’. This helps us to understand and bring you back to your normal. This is followed by the evaluation of your current state of health to identify how much you have deviated from your normalcy. The location of the illness and the impact of your residing place is assessed. Also assessed is your bodily strength, immunity and the intensity of your condition. Time, seasons and age also play crucial roles in Ayurveda assessment. Exclusive focus is given to your digestive capacity and evacuation. A thorough psychological mapping is done for every client as in Ayurveda, all conditions are almost always psychosomatic, meaning there is a continuous interplay of the body and the mind. Last but not the least your food and lifestyle is also taken into account. With such a thorough sweep, no disease can hide from the radar of a sharp Ayurveda physician.

A good consultation itself is a healing process on its own. A good ‘vaidya’- as an Ayurveda physician is called, is someone who can see between and beyond what the client describes. At times we do get clients with requirements and excuses that may not agree well with their health condition. But we encourage them to entrust us with their wellbeing and follow our advice strictly as that is simply why you have approached us and that is simply what we excel in doing.

Consultations at AYUSH Ayurveda are handled by expert physicians who have undergone rigorous training and also have proven their mettle in healthcare. Book your appointment today!


  • Separate sections for male and female
  • Authentic treatments by MOH qualified therapists under doctor supervision
  • Personally tailored treatments and packages
  • We use natural herbs & oils

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