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The spine or the vertebral column is a major component of the axial skeleton. Our skull sits on it, our ribs are attached to it and our hands and legs dangle from extensions that rests on the spine. The vast majority of the nerves emerging from or going to the brain passes through the spinal cord which resides within..yes, you guessed it right..the spine. Need we say more to emphasize how important the spine is?

Any disorder of the spine, however trivial it is, is bound to wreck havoc on your wellness and happiness. We certainly connect with this situation and have designed our Spine Care program such that it brings you relief as early as possible and has minimal impact on day to day life.

Many a time, a problem at the spinal area may present at an area distant from the source of the problem. AYUSH Ayurveda experts always do thorough whole-body checkup to identify the exact origin of your health condition. Our Spine Care program covers almost every muscle, bone, joint or nerve related issue associated with degeneration, inflammation, injury, or lifestyle issues such as bad posture. It goes without saying that our treatment also includes ergonomic corrections, dietary and lifestyle optimisations in addition to authentic procedures and quality medicines that Ayurveda has in offer.

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