Sports Injury Care and Post Operative orthopedic rehabilitation

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Sports is the pinnacle of human endurance. World records are broken every season and competent athletes keep pushing the limits of what is humanly possible. And when you push your body to the limits, chances are things can snap or wear out and you end up with a sports injury. Such injuries can also happen outside sports since anyone leading an active lifestyle can have similar accidents and get similar trauma. Sports injuries are commonplace alright, but you have to be really careful on the professional support you seek in getting it corrected. The task of a good expert managing such conditions is not just to alleviate pain. More importantly they have to enable you to return back to your best and keep pushing those limits and break more records

AYUSH Ayurveda has a dedicated panel of expert physicians and staff, trained to manage sports injuries. They are backed by this majestic healthcare system that is Ayurveda, with a legacy of thousands of years in managing trauma. Ayurveda has identified 107 vital points in the body, injury occurring to which has to be carefully managed. Each of these 107 Marmas, as these vital spots are called, have been thoroughly evaluated and the signs and symptoms of injury and the methods to manage them have been elaborated. Our experts are well-versed in this knowledge and have years of practical experience in managing Sports injuries and trauma.

Though induced on purpose, surgical procedures also involve injuring body tissues. Hence the management and rehabilitation of post-operative wounds may also follow similar lines. It may come as a surprise to many but Ayurveda had special expertise in surgery. Mainstream surgery was actively practiced till the early 20th century in India. AYUSH Ayurveda draws inspiration from these ancient rehabilitation methods and wound healing medications. This traditional knowledge resource coupled with modern day techniques and tools have made our Sports Injury Care and Post Operative orthopedic rehabilitation program highly beneficial to our clients as the results we get from this combination is simply spellbounding.

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