Body Type Analysis

Ayurveda is an extremely personal experience. There is only very little advice in Ayurvedic scriptures that can be applied as is to everyone. The remaining majority of them have to be customized to suit your individual needs. This is one reason why you need a professional Ayurvedic practitioner to analyze your body (and mind) type and then your health condition, to decide what works best for you. Because of this customization, what has benefitted you may not help someone else with the exact same diagnosis. But you do not have to worry about any of this. Just leave this analysis and decision making to us. You are here to relax and get better.

So, how exactly do we figure out your body type? For this, we use a technique called ‘prakṛti parīkṣa’. Prakṛti parīkṣa is one of the most spectacular experiences of getting an Ayurveda consultation. In this, we do a series of observations (darśana), examinations (sparśana) and inquiry (praśna) to calculate the weightage of each vital energy or doṣa in your body and mind. There are three vital energies viz. Vāta, Pitta and Kapha which are responsible for the control, transformation and cohesion respectively. Your physical appearance, digestion, metabolism, strength, immunity, fundamental character, emotional constitution and everything else forming your natural self are decided by the ratio of how these vital energies combine at the time of birth. This never changes and become your ‘prakṛti’ or quite literally, your nature.

Once we get your prakṛti status, we go ahead and evaluate the level of derangement of vital energies in your health condition. Basically, any deviation from your natural ratio of vital energies will set you on course of disease. Therefore all treatment in Ayurveda is nothing but the reconfiguration of the deranged doṣas and keep it in a level of your prakṛti. After evaluating your normal body type levels, we will give you a set of instructions to be followed everyday and during every season so that you remain healthy throughout the year. Many of our clients have this misconception that these sets of instructions or pathya are only for Ayurveda medicines. Some are even reluctant to take Ayurveda consultation saying there will be pathya if you go for Ayurveda medicine. But the fact is more than Ayurveda medicines, pathya is advised based on your illness and body type. Following these speeds avoids side-effects and recurrence and it also speeds up the recovery.

Getting the prakṛti analyzed is a reforming experience leading you through a spiritual path of discovering the true you. Make sure you get it done from an expert. Book an appointment today to get your prakṛti analyzed by an AYUSH Ayurveda expert!


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