Old Age Care

keeping age to just a number

Let us get this straight first. We at AYUSH Ayurveda do not see old age as a disease condition. It is a phase in this journey of life that we all are riding. However, not taking the right path for this journey can make the ride rough and bumpy. We are here to show you the path suitable for you. We are here as a co-traveller catering to your needs that you may or may not be aware of.

The further you progress in age, the more ‘vāta doṣa’ increases. Vāta is the energy of control in our body and if left unchecked it accelerates degradation and degeneration, thereby making us dry, weak and brittle physically and mentally. We see the increase of ‘vāta’ in all age-related conditions and our counseling and therapies for old age care are aligned to ensure adequate intake and absorption of nutrients, keep muscles and bones strong and functional and to maintain your control over sensory and motor faculties.

We observe that many elderly express anxiety about the future, concern of infirmity and a fear of being alone. No one of any age should go through these and this is especially true for our elderly. So we give special attention to wrap all our old age care programs with nurture and compassion. Along with adopting the rejuvenating and relaxing therapies that Ayurveda is popular for, special attention is given for pain management and remedies bestowing emotional well being as well.

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  • Separate sections for male and female
  • Authentic treatments by MOH qualified therapists under doctor supervision
  • Personally tailored treatments and packages
  • We use natural herbs & oils

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