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beyond skin deep

Did you know? Our skin is a mirror reflecting what is happening within us. When healthy, you appear glowing and charming. Conversely, if you feel that you are not looking your best there could actually be an internal health issue. This is exactly why here at AYUSH Ayurveda, beauty care is not just skin care. We take your ‘inner beauty’ into account as well. Literally!

The right choice of beauty care products ensure brilliant results that stay long. We help you find just the right items suiting your skin and body type. All of the products are handpicked by our experts and are guaranteed to be made from naturally sourced items, absolutely free from harmful chemicals and spurious ingredients.

Be it a simple ‘mukhābhyaṅga’ or face massage or a deep cleansing ‘pañcakarma’, Ayurveda procedures are always a unique indulgence that your skin will thank you for. And when it is performed by the best hands in the industry they double up as a healing process and not just a temporary cosmetic makeup. Our focus is to enhance and retain your natural and original allure and thereby keeping you confident, radiant and most importantly, healthy.

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  • Separate sections for male and female
  • Authentic treatments by MOH qualified therapists under doctor supervision
  • Personally tailored treatments and packages
  • We use natural herbs & oils

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