Nature has answers to all your healthcare needs. All you need is an expert, Understanding Nature and You!

Traditional Ayurveda in Oman

AYUSH Indian Ayurvedic Clinic is bringing the best of Nature based healing to Oman. We are committed to make you healthy and keep you healthy through the most pristine form of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is a mainstream system of healthcare in India since a period of at least five millennia. The observations, experiences and experiments on health and diseases of a vast civilization over this wide span of time have been meticulously documented by ascetic scholars in ancient scriptures. Ayurveda thus became one of the most ancient healthcare systems actively practiced even today, bettering the lives of billions, globally.

Rather than a ‘this medicine for that disease’ approach, Ayurveda sees you as one with the world and treats you as a whole, mind and body included. Hence every health condition is identified with a combination of head to toe scrutiny, assessment of mental wellbeing and evaluation of what is your custom normalcy or ‘prakṛti’ and how much you have been thrown out of this normalcy, or in other words, the ‘vikṛti’.

The entire AYUSH Ayurveda team including the expert physicians, trained therapists and friendly staff strive in unison to give you the best Ayurveda has to offer. Staying true to the philosophy of Ayurveda, we not only procure the most ideal ‘all-natural’ Ayurveda medicines, but also offer personalized dietary guidelines, optimize your lifestyle, and gladly extend our support to you in maintaining your state of health and happiness that we have achieved together.


  • Separate sections for male and female
  • Authentic treatments by MOH qualified therapists under doctor supervision
  • Personally tailored treatments and packages
  • We use natural herbs & oils

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