Detoxification Program

a clean system is a happy system

What are toxins and why should you detoxify? Well, when we mention toxins, we are not always intending ‘poison’. We are trying to explain a niche concept in Ayurveda called “āmam”. Āmam is of utmost importance as its prolonged presence within our bodily systems is considered as the root cause of all metabolic diseases. In a nutshell, āmam is the product of insufficient or erroneous metabolic processes. A lot of factors can cause metabolic irregularities. It can be environmental or climatic. It can arise from certain types of food or the way we have food. Āmam may also form because of lifestyle and habits that are not compatible with us. The reasons are many and most often identified only by an expert. These metabolic toxins may not reveal their presence at the beginning. But when our body becomes incapable of eradicating these toxins on its own, āmam begins to accumulate, gradually manifesting as various illnesses.

Our Detoxification Programs have two core objectives. One is to prevent the formation and accumulation of āmam or toxins in the first place. The second is to either digest these toxins by augmenting the body’s metabolic activities or to flush it out of our system using cleansing procedures.

This is where the relevance of “pañcakarma” or purification therapies in Ayurveda is put to its best use. AYUSH Ayurveda takes great pride in being a pioneering center of Kerala style ‘pañcakarma’ procedures and we have signature therapies like pizhiccil, sirodhāra, ilakkizhi etc. that ensures great efficacy and comfort.

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